Terms of Service

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Before Requesting a Commission

What I Will and Won't Draw

For a list of what I will and won't draw, please check the information here:


Anything that isn't explicitly listed on there that you're curious about potentially commissioning, feel free to message me and ask about. I don't judge!

Private/Anonymous Commissions

I understand some commissioners would rather keep what they commission private, so I do offer private and anonymous commissions!

An anonymous commission will not have the commissioner's name attached to it when it is posted.

A private commission will not be posted at all.

If a commission is requested to be private at the time it is purchased, but the commissioner themselves posts the image publicly at a later time, I will assume the commissioner has changed their mind and that it is okay for me to post the image publicly too.

Delayed Posting

I will gladly delay posting the commission if it is a gift for a special occasion such a birthday, holiday, etc. Please let me know up-front if you need to have the posting of the commission delayed for a reason like this.

Rush Jobs

I do not do rush jobs. When I open for commissions, I will define the approximate timeframe for delivering the commissions in that batch (e.g., March-April). All commissions in that batch will be delivered approximately in that timeframe, but I cannot guarantee a delivery date any more precisely than that.

If you absolutely need a piece of artwork done before a particular date, I advise letting me know at the time you request it, and commissioning the piece well in advance whenever possible.

Requesting a Commission

Request Form

If you want to get a commission, please send a request through my commission form when the form is open.

Multiple Requests

You can send multiple requests in for a commission opening!

You can do this either to run multiple ideas by me and have me pick one, or to actually commission multiple images.

The commission form has a section for this, so as long as you fill it out you'll be good to go either way.

Reference Images

Your commission request must include reference images for every character that will appear in the artwork. I also recommend including reference images for any props or scenery that you want to look a very specific way.

The only exception to this is if you want to commission a character design (i.e., commission a ref sheet without any existing reference images), but this must be discussed with me directly in order to see if it’s possible and sort out a price.

If Your Request is Accepted

If your commission request is accepted, I will contact you when the commission form closes to let you know the total cost and offer you a slot. You must reply to this message within 48 hours and have your payment ready or risk losing your slot.

Payment and Refunds


All prices listed on this website are in United States dollars (USD) and tax-inclusive.

Complexity Costs

A commission may have an additional cost added to it if it includes complex designs or elements that merit it. You will always be informed of the total final cost prior to your invoice being sent and will have the option to accept or reject the commission slot based on it.

Upfront Payment

You must be ready to pay your invoice when the commission form closes or risk losing your commission slot.

Splitting Invoices

I do not split invoices. The entire cost of the invoice must be paid up front by one person.

Requesting a Refund

I typically handle refunds as follows:

I ask that commissioners please keep the following in mind with regards to refunds:

With this in mind, I would ask the following of my commissioners:

Requesting a refund under unreasonable conditions may lead to being blacklisted from requesting commissions again in the future.

Working on the Commission

Contacting Me Regarding Your Commission

You can contact me regarding your commission via either the method of communication you provide in the commission form (where I will initially contact you about your commission), or by emailing me at the email address that I sent your invoice from.

I will reply to messages/emails regarding commission work within 1-2 business days.

Works-in-Progress (WIPs)

As I work on your commission, you will receive one or more works-in-progress (WIPs) to see how the artwork is progressing and have an opportunity to request fixes or edits.

Replying to WIPs

If you do not send any reply to a WIP within 48 hours, the WIP will be considered to be approved as-is.

However, you should still reply to WIPs even if you don’t need any fixes!

Not doing so will lead to delays in me working on your commission since I’ll start working on other commissions while awaiting your reply.

If you need more than 48 hours to review the WIP, send a reply within the first 48 hours letting me know and I will be happy to give you as much time as you need.

Repeatedly failing to reply to WIPs may result in being blacklisted from requesting future commissions.

Correcting Artist Errors

I will always make any requested fixes if they are due to my making an error in drawing your commission (e.g., if I don’t match the reference images or description you provided) unless the differences were previously approved by you. (See Section “Requesting Edits” below.)

Requesting Edits

You can request edits to your commission at any time. However, if a requested edit is unreasonable, I will not be able to make it.

Some examples of unreasonable edits I may not make are as follows:

After the Commission

Posting the Art to Social Media

You are free to share the finished artwork on social media as soon as you receive it from me, without needing to ask permission. Please make sure to credit me appropriately for the work, and ideally link one of my social media accounts together with the image post.

Keep in mind that if you originally requested your commission be kept private, but post the image publicly yourself, I will assume that you have changed your mind and that I also am allowed to post it. See Section "Private/Anonymous Commissions" above for more information regarding private commissions.

See Section “Delayed Posting” above if you need me to wait to post the image until a certain date.

Requesting Edits After the Commission is Done

I am generally happy to make edits to a complete commission on request as long as the scope of the edit is minor and it's requested within a reasonable amount of time since the commission was declared complete.


Copyright Ownership

I retain the copyrights for all the artwork I make for commissioners.

Commissioning me does NOT mean the copyright of the artwork is transferred to you.

The following lists define what you do and do not have permission to do with the art you commission me to draw.

You CAN: