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I have a request for a commission of something unusual/weird/taboo/etc. What's the best way to approach you about that?

The first thing to do is check my will/won't draw list:


MOST things are listed on there.

If you have a question about something that isn't listed on there, you can send me a message on any of my social media or my contact form.

These messages are kept private and I don't judge, so the worst case scenario of asking is that I say no.

Can you keep a commission anonymous? (i.e., not list the commissioner's name when posting)

Yes! There's an option for that on my commission form, so if you want your commission anonymous, just select the appropriate option on the form when sending your request.

Can you keep a commission private? (i.e., not post it to social media)

Yes! There's an option for that on my commission form, so if you want your commission private, just select the appropriate option on the form when sending your request.

Can I ask you to delay posting a commission until a later date? (e.g., wait a month to post it because it’s for a birthday or other special event)

Yes! The commission form includes an option for this, so simply select it when sending your request if you want something like this.

Can I ask for a commission to be done before a certain date?

You can certainly ask and I’ll let you know if it’s possible or not!

I recommend only asking for this when necessary though (e.g., when the art is for a birthday or holiday), since additional scheduling requests tacked onto a commission generally decrease the odds I’ll take it, all else being equal.

Can I send multiple commission requests at once?

Yes! The commission form has an option for this.

You can send multiple ideas and have me pick one, or send in multiple ideas to commission all of them at once.

Can I give you artistic freedom over some or all of the content of a commission?

You sure can, but when you do, you have to commit to it and understand what it means. Artistic freedom means “no major edits to the WIPs” (unless it's a mistake on my part of not matching the reference images).

If you often find yourself requesting lots of changes to the image after the first sketch, artistic freedom is probably not a good option for you.

Why can’t a friend and I get a split invoice if we’re commissioning you together?

Splitting the cost of a commission into multiple invoices means having to pay transaction fees multiple times.

The existence of multiple invoices for the same purchase can also cause problems in the event of a dispute between the buyers and seller.

How do you decide which commission requests to accept?

I’ll prioritize requests that fit my art style and preferences in terms of characters and content. For an idea of what I like drawing, check the list here!

Why didn’t my commission request get accepted?

Most likely I just had more requests than the number of slots that were available! Not every request can be accepted in those cases, and all I can do is encourage you to try again next time.

If I submit my request again in your next opening, will it get priority over new requests since I’ve been waiting longer?

Unfortunately, no! Each request sent during an opening is evaluated the same way, based entirely on its content.

Okay, but will my request get accepted eventually if I keep resubmitting it?

There’s no guarantee, unfortunately. I tend to get more requests than the slots I have, and if a particular request just isn’t as well suited to my content and style, it’s unlikely to make it through the selection process unless not many other requests come in for that particular opening.

Am I annoying you by repeatedly sending in a request you’re not accepting? Should I stop?

Not at all! There’s never any harm in sending a request.

What can I do to have the best chance of my request being accepted?

The most important factor is the content of what you’re requesting. The more it matches my preferences in terms of content and style, the better the odds of the request being accepted.

Writing an easily readable description in the commission form helps a lot as well! If I'm struggling to understand what you want drawn from reading your description, I likely won't take the request.

Lastly, privacy preferences factor in, too. All else being equal, I'll favor requests from commissioners that are okay with their commissions being posted publicly. In all honesty though, this is rarely--if ever--the deciding factor, since the previous two factors mentioned are much more important.